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Book of Kings

Online English Reviews

There are numerous reviews of Thackara’s novels available on the web and even more that may have been dropped because of the passage of time. The lists that follow are not intended to be complete. Rather they seek to present some of the more representative and insightful discussion.

For comprehensive listings, consult the Lexis-Nexus database as well as the Electric Library hyperlinks.

The Book of Kings is a work of extraordinary vision and range, magnificently ... Alan Cheuse, The Chicago Tribune. James Thackara was born in California and ... More...

The Book of Kings by James Thackara... More...

Is author James Thackara a literary genius with the depth of Dostoyevsky and Melville, as his publicists rave? Or is he, as some critics grouse, ... More...

Journalist John Walsh's article about the unpublished "masterpiece" by the difficult, grandly ambitious but decidedly obscure London novelist James Thackara ... More...

by James Thackara. DUCKWORTH pounds 19.99. It is perhaps an unintended irony that this ambitious novel opens on the day England won the World Cup. ... More...

Penguin Literature
James Thackara. THE BOOK OF KINGS. “The book nobody should miss reading... Comparisons to War and Peace may be effusive but not totally unwarranted...a ... More...

... Maeterlinck's The Life of the Bee (1901, with cover damage suggesting use as an omelette pan) to James Thackara's The Book of Kings (2000, pristine). ... More...

The Book of Kings by James Thackara Duckworth, pounds 19.99, 773pp GREAT WAR novels are probably the most difficult of all fictional endeavours. More...

Thackara brilliantly forges the stories of these four men whose lives mirror the larger picture, while the listener follow . ... More...

America's Children, by James Thackara '67 (Overlook Press, $26.95). Thackara is an American working in London. His vast World War II novel, ... More...

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The Book of Kings
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