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Petitions and Television Appearances

PEN American Center - Press Freedom Petition Signers
James Sherman Thackara Rosanne Daryl Thomas Julian Thompson Lawrence Thornton Irene Tierstein Carl Tiktin Sallie Tisdale Barbara A. Todish Wilbert Torre... More...

European Integration Current Contents
Index on Censorship – summer 2004. Opinion. A man more sinned against than sinning… - The release of Mordechai Vanunu provokes a discussion of our nuclear future 29 - 35 Thackara, James... More...

BBCTV World September 20, 2001
On on one interview following Bush Blair meeting Washington.  Thackara urges recall of battle groups already headed for Afghanistan

BBC - BBC Four - American Visions
Michael Portillo discuss George Bush's legacy with author James Thackara and US Embassy Minister David T Johnson. High School Prom... More...



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